Final Fantasy IV: The After Years on Steam May 12


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years on Steam May 12

For a mobile-based title to finally get both a Steam release announcement AND some ‘fresh’ graphical updates (pretty much in line with other Square rerelease history) is worth consideration for the asking price of about $15.99 for the May 12 Steam release, though I suppose some trepidation may be reasonable given the track record so far.


But as with previous re-re-re-editions of FF titles, you’ll get spiffy new 3D sequences for your buck

As far as anyone seems to know, this appears to only be a GRAPHICAL update (no word on whether the story content has changed at all), so you can take those previous reviews as you will, because, well, sometimes lipstick on a pig is still just that.  On the other hand, Square’s always been pretty good at cinematics, which can really help bring characters’ stories to life; helping attract younger players to classic titles that, to them, otherwise appear as cave paintings made by a simple people from a bygone era; RPG titles especially.

Just remember, summer isn’t that far away, and if you’re willing to wait, either way you’ll be able to save enough for this to probably be a worthwhile purchase.


You’ll still spend it all anyway.

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