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Hyrule Warriors Villians + 1st DLC Tomorrow

Granted, there are four DLC packs planned for Hyrule Warriors at this point, all of which can be purchased for $19.99 as the Hero of Hyrule pack for a modest savings and nets you a free Dark Link costume.  All of the DLC packs are sprinkled with release dates through early 2015, but the first of which, the Master Quest, may be the best value of all with an entire new Adventure Mode map, 5 new story missions, new outfits for Cia and Lana, and perhaps most interesting of all, Epona can now be used as another weapon for Link.


On the count of KICK!

As nickel-and-dimey DLC packs can be, at least Nintendo is also releasing a free update that allows you to play as Cia, Volga, and Wizzro, three of the major villians you’ve presumably beaten to pieces already in the main story mode by this point, and more of their story will be told through their own scenarios.


No word yet on secondary ‘weapons’ though

Having played up to somewhere in the middle of Ganondorf’s scenarios at this point, it would be welcome to have more from the villians’ angle, as those of us who have played the Zelda titles this spinoff celebrates are pretty well acquainted with the heroes’ and heroines’ roles.  Of course, this means MORE badges and upgrading to do among more playable characters, so expect a fair amount of drudgery along with your fresh update.  However, if the other villians’ play styles are as satisfying as the walking explosion factory of Ganondorf, expect this month’s content to whet your appetite until around Slapsgiving when the Twilight Princess-related DLC pack will hit your wallet square in the face next month.


One for each time you drop $7.99