Killing Floor 2 Incoming! April 21 EA!

So it’s only a few days away until Killing Floor 2 finally, finally hits Steam Early Access, for a pretty reasonable $30, or for those willing to drop a little more dosh, $40 for the Digital deluxe edition, that comes with the soundtrack, DJ Skully and some cosmetic sundries.  System requirements have been released, as well as plenty of closed-beta tester excrement sentiment.  But amidst the typical whiny / vacant garbage, there’s plenty of bastards people lucky enough to have gotten access to about a week of pre-EA play whom have been helpful and constructive, providing feedback to Tripwire so the rest of us can have that much of a quicker / smoother path to what will eventually be the full game, with 10 perks (the previous KF1 perks returning) plenty of maps, and a balanced load of Zeds to shred and new and excitingly gruesome ways.

Initially, there will be four perks available (Berzerker, Commando, Field Medic, and Support) and three maps, with the rest being added over time, with balance changes and stability patches.  No definitive word on when General Availability will be, but much like Blizzard, TWI will be done when they’re done.  Expect that perk progress and achievements may reset multiple times during EA, but definitely prior to final release, so don’t get too comfy in the meantime.  If you loved the first game as much as I did, though, you’ll actually be HAPPY about that, because you get ANOTHER WHOLE OPPORTUNITY to start that journey again.


You shut up.

Read more from IGN’s Wes Fenlon here, and in a couple of days, be quiet and encourage Valve the accept your remittance.