Return of (more) Turn-Based Glory


Return of (more) Turn-Based Glory

If ANYONE out there was a big-time X-Com: UFO Defense fan, it was me.  Of course, at the time I had the barely bearable PlayStation version, which inevitably corrupted its own savegame files, often forcing you to restart after scores of hours of play, in addition to loading delays which allowed you time to go make a few sandwiches or construct an entire Egyptian pyramid in your backyard.


Still the all-time champ of needless queueing

DESPITE ALL, I still put a ton of time into the game, and looked beyond sins that today would be unforgivable of even the budget-est console title.  There was a mystical formula of intrigue, resource management, turn-based combat and gravitas that  really defined the genre for its time, and to this day 20 years later remains one of the best turn-based isometric games around.  If you can get the damn thing to run right in Dosbox.

Enter Invisible, Inc., a forthcoming title from Klei Entertainment that at first glance has much of the familiar view and unit control as UFO Defense, though concentrating far more on stealth than other modern isometric titles like Shadowrun Returns (which, by the by, is another gem you ought to be playing).  Procedurally generated maps, character permadeath, action-point based gameplay, and RPG-style unit upgrades / progression makes me salivate with that familiar turn-based flavor, but this time, with hints of Gunpoint in shadowy puzzle-solving and misdirection, as well as Payday 2 with escalating enforcement response and tactical unit assignment choices.



A little more finesse and a little less mass murder

From the first looks, the top-down views with modern graphic quality, coupled with stylized art cutscenes look great, and the tension appears very remnant of XCOM; though the goals and gameplay are quite different, the underlying formulas are the same, and we won’t have long to wait, as Invisible, Inc. will hit Steam Early Access in August 2014.


invisible-inc (1)

Staring at this will just have to do.  Hold my calls.

Check out the full article  and a few videos by IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey.