Shovel Knight Release Date: JUNE 26 :D :D :D


Shovel Knight Release Date: JUNE 26 :D :D :D

If you’ve followed the Kickstarter campaign for as long as some friends and I have, this is one of those moments where you reach back to your childhood and recall forgetting all about those X-ray specs you saved up those cereal box-tops for the previous year, and that moment of rapture when they show up one day in the mail.  Well, like that, but this time your mail carrier got a tip from Lenny in receiving over at your local USPS a few days in advance.  That $1 tip you left him for Xmas is finally paying off, right?

mailman“You know we’re legitimately hurting, right?”

Shovel Knight will finally see the light of day this Thursday on basically every major platform; an homage primarily to Mega-Man, but to countless other classic games and characters, mastered in pixeltastic glory (though I’d like to see you try to fit a 150Mb game onto a NES cart.  That might even outstrip a N64 capacity!) If you’ve put 2 + 2 together by now you can expect a review pretty soon after.  Dibs have already been called WELL in advance.


UPDATE: June 26


A picture is worth a million billion gushing sentiments of joy