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The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

IGN’s Luke Karmali reported today about how a recent Fox News segment ‘Defending the Homeland’ used a rather familiar-looking backdrop:


Who needs graphics department oversight?

If you’ve played Bioshock Infinite, you’ll immediately recognize the logo, and deeper-thinking gamers will derive philosophical joy at the (probably) indirect juxtaposition of the often fanatical, racial-supremacist Founders who espouse a Jim Crow-era culture of exclusion and apartheid with an African-American president attempting to improve the US immigration system.

On the other hand, is Fox actually more devious than we think and trying to align Obama with Zachary Hale Comstock? Conservative strategy seems of late to be painting the PotUS as dictatorial and circumventing other branches of government where he sees fit.

Ultimately though, this isn’t really a POLITICAL issue, according to Infinite’s director Ken Levine, but more of a KERNING issue:

Either way, my $$ is on either a lack of oversight on Fox’s part, or perhaps their graphics department just wanted to photobomb the anchors in a hiding-in-plain-sight sort of way.  Whether this was due to a LOT of thought or a LACK of it is debatable, but the REAL irony may be that the Fox News audience at large probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway.

kerningIt’s a thing.  Look it up.