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WoW Pre-Warlords patch 6.0.2 Incoming

So once again a new World of Warcraft expansion is looming upon us, and of course, I have a collector’s edition reserved well in advance, which should be sitting somewhere near The Ark of the Covenant for all the accessibility you get for paying more $$. It pisses me off that one STILL gets no early benefits (such as insta-leveling a character to 90, digital extras, etc) that one gets for pre-purchasing the digital versions.

Blizzard make at least one bullshit concession on this, but it’s ridiculous that in this day and age, when you can pre-order practically any physical game and get codes printed on a register receipt, that WoW does not support this.  Here’s an idea; you pre-order the Digital Deluxe edition for $60, get your character upgrade, whatever but you get a code printed on a receipt or email.  You pre-order the Collector’s Edition from wherever you want to, and put in that code to get $60 off (that you already paid).  You get charged the difference once WoD ships, add the code in the box to upgrade your account to the Collector’s edition, you’re done.  Noone has to be shelling out $160 just to get the insta-90 ahead of time, or buying an ENTIRE EXTRA GAME CODE THEY DON’T NEED.  It’s like a crappy 2-for-1 deal where you’re really just getting two things.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving You Nightmares

</rant>.  Since I personally don’t NEED the early lvl-90 boost, and Blizz lets you pre-download upcoming patches regardless (to save time and bandwidth for both you AND them), this was less a personal issue and more one of principle.  Now that the pre-patch for 6.0.2 is dropping tomorrow (which basically contains all the major game-overhaul changes from the PTR, shown here, or the typical Wowhead summary here) there will finally be something to do again, as I had gotten more or less everything I wanted to out of Patch 5.4.x in 2013.  Looking forward to the next slew of limited-time-only story-lead-in until WoD goes live Nov 13th, especially as I only joined up in the middle of Wrath of the Lich King (and missed experiencing Outland while Burning crusade was current).  For those others who also enjoyed the Warcraft strategy titles of yesteryear, the lore update for Draenor will be a welcome chapter for players who’ve waited a long time for legendary NPCs from that period.


But still not as long as the wait for THIS preorder